​Courtney Frazine, wife of 14 years to Duane, mother of Fynnley (13) and Fletcher (9) and teacher at West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics began her major health transformation 6 years ago. Courtney's dream was to take her children to Disney World, however, due to her weight and related health conditions, she knew this would not be possible. In order to make her dream a reality, she began to make significant lifestyle changes.

​Courtney began her transformation by taking up running. She ran her first 5K on September 14, 2013 and was hooked. To keep herself accountable, she constantly registered for many more events and included Fynnley to participate. Wanting another challenge, Courtney also participated in a 10K run. Courtney's commitment and discipline to achieving her dream was unmatched. She NEVER missed a run. Regardless of her very full schedule, she still made the time to get her run in. She loved her time running and took in the beauty surrounding her. She especially loved being accompanied by Fynnley and Fletcher on their bicycles while she ran. 

​Courtney added strength training to her lifestyle and was one of the first people to join Lakeshore Fit Body Boot Camp (Now known as Phyt Phyzique) when they opened. She attended Boot Camp 4 - 5 days a week, weight trained with a trainer 2 - 3 days a week AND maintained her disciplined running regimen. As a result of her strong self discipline, Courtney successfully lost over 100 pounds.

​Courtney was incredibly selfless. She had a huge heart and soul for helping others, especially kids, in ANY way possible. If a student needed a ride to school, she picked them up. If a student came to school without Winter clothing, she immediately ran to Target during her lunch break. If a student didn't have a lunch, she lovingly gave hers to the student. Courtney was willing and did anything she could to help others.

​December 9, 2017, Courtney, while enjoying her run, was tragically struck by a vehicle and was unable to survive her injuries. At the age of 39, she went to be with her Lord. Courtney's favorite saying was "You got this, girl". While Courtney leaves a legacy in striving and achieving a substantial healthy lifestyle transformation, she will more importantly be remembered as a loving and compassionate wife and mother, an empowering and generous friend peer and mentor. Courtney's soul will live forever in so many hearts and lives and Lakeshore Fit Body Boot Camp is privileged to host this event in her honor.